Poplar Pre-School (CIO)

Allington, Maidstone, ME16 0DE

Our Structure - Trustees

Poplar Pre-School (CIO) is a Charity run pre-school, managed by Trustees. In November 2015 Poplar Pre-school become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) prior to this it was unincorporated and ran as Poplar Pre-School. (Through out this website Poplar Pre-School (CIO) will be known as Poplar Pre-School).

The current Trustees are Denise Ellis, Jenny Dharmalingam, Kanli Davies, Lynne Davies, Teresa Hatfull and Hayley Young (photos displayed within the Pre-School) - they have all been DBS (Data Barring Service) checked.

The Trustees are responsible for the overall management and smooth running of the pre-school. They aim to meet formally every two months (but also meet ad hoc as needs arise) and the agenda varies from meeting to meeting but typical issues include the budget, employment and management of staff, fundraising, property management, development and commitment to our business plan and policies and procedures. As well as obviously providing the opportunity to discuss any ideas to improve any aspect of the pre-school.

If this is you, or if you have any queries about the role of the Trustees, please Contact Us.

If you would like to get involved we have an Events Team, who organise and run events. Follow this link to find out about The Events Team.