Poplar Pre-School (CIO)

Allington, Maidstone, ME16 0DE


Lunch is incorporated within the afternoon session and your child will need to bring in a packed lunch.

Below are details of the daily procedure and guidance for you:
• When you arrive in the morning, please put your child’s lunchbox on the table by the kitchen in their hall. This enables us to put the boxes in the fridge to keep their food fresh until lunchtime.

• Please make sure that your child’s name is clearly marked on their lunch box and drink bottle.

• After song time the children will go to the toilet and wash their hands after which they go into their hall to find their lunch boxes.

• We try to encourage children to eat their sandwiches first as the bread provides them with slow release energy for the afternoon. If your child does not like sandwiches please provide a suitable alternative such as pitta bread, wraps, pasta salad or rice for example.

• Due to allergies we request that peanut butter and other nut based snacks are not included in your child’s packed lunch.

• Please do not to provide too much food, you know your child’s eating habits, but we find most children don’t eat a large amount at this time. For example a sandwich, piece of fruit, yoghurt and a drink will probably be ample for most children. Also no chocolate, sweets or fizzy drinks please.

Please can you cut up grapes and tomatoes into smaller pieces (length ways).

• After the lunch is finished the children put their lunch boxes with their craft boxes and go out to play. If the weather is bad an indoor activity is provided which is not structured in the same way as the rest of the session so that the children have a break from learning.