Poplar Pre-School (CIO)

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Head Injury Advice

Head Injury Advice

If you have been advised by us that your child has had a "minor" bump to their head whilst being at pre-school, please follow this advice:

Watch your child for the next 3-4-days

If they are no better take them to A&E if:

  • They have a bad headache that does not go away with medicine
  • They become more sleepy than usual or hard to wake up
  • They are sick more than twice
  • They find it hard to walk
  • They act differently
  • Their body or face starts to twitch
  • You are worried about them

Try to keep your child resting quietly at home but you can give them things to do if they feel like it.

Give medicine such as Calpol or nurofen to relieve a mild headache.

Let your child go to bed at normal time but before you go to bed (and at about 4 am) you should wake them to make sure they are alright.

Let your children go to preschool and carry on as normal if they are alright.


Advice taken from Pulse First Aid Training 2012